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Hi, I'm Beck Wissman.

Also known as Becca, Bex, Reba, Rebecca, Reebs, and "girl with the camera in the cloud suit video".

I am passionate about telling stories through the art of my lens, no matter the location.

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Born and raised (north of) South Detroit, my initial interest in photography was sparked and fueled while mastering the Nintendo 64 game, Pokémon Snap. Fast forward 15 years and I finally bought my own DSLR camera. That's when my game really leveled up.

For years photography was mainly a hobby for me. That is, until I decided to take a leap of faith in 2018 and shoot my first wedding. I've been obsessed with learning, growing, and working with others to tell their stories ever since. 


Many photographers focus on a particular editing style, location and clientele. That's never really been me. I'm more about creatively capturing stories no matter the setting, and editing around that specific mood. 

I happy cry. A lot. 


My proudest photo-related accomplishment? Earning the nickname "Big Rig Reba" while serving as a bus driver/photographer for a whitewater rafting company (go LD!).

My coonhound mix Prine (named after the amazing human and musician John Prine) is my baby. 

I believe love is love, aim to foster collaboration and embrace each individual's uniqueness in this world. I will work my absolute hardest to capture your remarkable light through the art of my lens. 


The first time I flew on a plane, it was my junior year of college. That short trip to the coast started an obsession with traveling and learning about other parts of the world. I've acted as operations and a mountain biking instructor in New Zealand, worked at a YMCA camp in Japan, road tripped around Iceland, woken up to the prayer bells in Turkey, and wandered countless countries visiting the many beautiful souls I've met throughout life. Below are just a few of my favorite snapshots from travels the past couple years. 



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